Auto Repair at Highway 30 Towing

Highway 30 Towing’s experienced auto repair team is the best in the business. If you’re looking for a trusted auto mechanic to provide general auto repair services, call our towing company in High Ridge, MO today. Our qualified mechanic will understand that your car is a large investment. Let us service your car and perform an auto tune up service. We can pick up your car with one of our tow trucks and perform any auto repairs needed.

At Highway 30 Towing, your car is our number one priority and we aim to make sure that you and your car are safely able to be back on the road. When that engine light comes on or you feel that something isn’t right, come into our shop and we will perform an auto inspection to see if there is anything we need to attend to. Whether you need a 24 hour towing service, or want to stop by with your car, we are the company fo you. 

If your transmission is having trouble shifting gears bring us your vehicle as soon as possible for top notch transmission repair. We don’t want you having to spend more money on a new transmission if you don’t have to.

We also service transfer case repair to ensure that your transfer case is successfully receiving power from your transmission to run your front and rear axles. As the chosen auto repair shop of High Ridge, MO, we offer a team of experienced technicians, dedicated customer service and a promise to keep your car in top condition for the best prices around. Call Highway 30 Towing today to schedule a consultation for all your auto repair needs. 


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